Downtown Palm Springs News- We’re Growing and We’re On The Move!

The City Of Palm Springs Is Taking Off!

We are moving forward with revitalization plans for downtown and the area in general is seeing a huge uptick in business in general.  Both the Uptown Design District and the Downtown Area are alive experiencing growth, increased sales and plans for a whole new Downtown experience under way.

Be a part of a building demolition!

Back in November, the citizens of Palm Springs passed the Measure J sales tax (with no net increase in sales taxes) to finance infrastructure work throughout the city for the next 25 years and to also finance the tear-down of Desert Fashion Plaza with a later redevelopment of that entire section of downtown.

It all kicks off January 26th!

Demo of the former BofA building will begin with a public ceremony on January 26th at the site. Stay tuned for details or call us at 760-322-7822 for information. The city is moving along very fast with plans for the sale of financing bonds with that will complete in April. At that time, the city will take deed to the public properties, streets, and the parking garage.

The former bank lot will soon be a public plaza right away as a signal to the beginning of this very exciting project. And immediate steps  increasing public parking to help all businesses in the area.  By mid-2013, the entire old mall will be gone and the new neighborhood will begin to rise out of the rubble.

Look for courtyards of shops, a new movie complex, restaurants and public areas.  Features of this pedestrian friendly area will include outdoor areas with shade structures and natural convection cooling for year round comfort.

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