Open House: Kitchen decor is easier than you think


By Ann Hoevel, CNN

updated 9:50 AM EDT, Thu July 25, 2013

(CNN) — After spending hours on Pinterest, combing throughscores of gorgeous decor photos, do you ever look at your kitchen and hear the “Wah, wah, waaaaaaah” of a sad trombone?

Kitchens don’t work like other rooms, say decorators, and it’s not always obvious how to decorate them. Instead of four blank walls to adorn, there are cabinet doors, appliances and counter tops, which can leave you feeling a little boxed in.

“When we purchased our home we were stuck with a lot of light maple cabinets. Good storage, yes, but all I saw were square lines,” said Holly Modica, the decorating blogger behind “House by Holly.

One way to deal with a grid of cabinet doors is a rigorous renovation, but not everyone has the budget for knocking down walls or installing custom cabinetry. Modica took a minimizing approach to her kitchen.

“The focus became how to soften the cabinets and add texture,” she said. She collected soup tureens, baskets and weathered furniture from tag sales, made burlap shades for her chandelier and replaced only the backsplash.

“Now I barely notice the cabinets I once loathed,” she said, because now the kitchen is stocked with decorative items she enjoys seeing every day.

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